welcome to micro

i already have a blog, why would i want another one?

This is more of a stream-of-consciousness site than my main blog. Think of it as an old-school replacement for Twitter without the “network” part of it. Sometimes i like to write threads or something longer than an individual post, but i don’t want to put as much phrasing/editing/research effort into it. A lot of the time when writing a real post, i’ll want to say something, then i’ll catch myself and go “is that right?” and before i know it i’m stuck in a research rabbit-hole. I don’t have that problem with Twitter, so i’m hoping that if i take the mindset from there to a personal site, it creates something interesting.

Also, there are sometimes things that i want to write about that don’t really fit on my main blog (mostly about the music i’m listening to), but i would like them to have a home. My main blog has been somewhat pidgeon-holed into writing about programming and/or software-community stuff. So the hope is that if i give it its own RSS feed, then people can ignore it somewhere else.

So here we are. Hopefully this works out!