meet "quiet hyperlinks"

I guess 2020 is the year of me making new websites. First there was micro (this blog), then there was FOSS Pride, now there’s “quiet hyperlinks”. In the case of micro and links, they both follow a theme of “i want to post in a place that’s not Twitter/Mastodon/Discord”. Here the idea was that i wanted to write medium-form ideas in situations where i would otherwise use a Twitter thread (or even as a clone of an existing thread).

For “quiet hyperlinks”, i wanted to replace/supplement the habit of linking to a thing i found and posting it in a Discord server, or on Twitter. It was also a chance to experiment with some CSS things i haven’t used before (like the columns property) and make something that acted a bit different from my other blogs. I almost tried to wedge the change into this blog, but decided against it when i got the idea for the front-page. Also, it gives me the chance to write even less as a “post” because the main idea is “here is this thing i saw” rather than “this is something on my mind”.

Anyway, the new site is at, with its own RSS feeds if that’s how you roll.

…oh god why have i made myself three different blogs…